Show Your Elderly Parents You Care

Elderly Care FacilityMany families would rather just find the nearest elderly care facility and send their elderly members packing. While it sounds cold and heartless, it’s true that many grownup children can’t be bothered to care for their elderly parents, and therefore would rather have a home’s staff take care of them.

There is nothing wrong about taking your parents to a retirement or old folks’ home, but there are still ways to show them you care, even if you can’t be there all the time.

Take care of them at home

If you can’t bear the thought of sending them away, you can take care of your parents at home. It doesn’t have to be you all the time; in fact, doing everything yourself is unhealthy and counterproductive. It may get in the way of your personal pursuits and this will lead to resentment and unhappiness. Ask willing family members to pitch in. You can also hire a private nurse.

If your parent used to work at a high-risk facility like the Savannah River Site, noted that they might need specialized care. You can’t provide this yourself, so be sure to contact a professional.

Talk to them

It’s almost natural for grownup children to forget what it was like when their parents were the only ones they could talk to. Now that your parents are old, they miss that. They miss those days when they meant the world to you, just like you mean the world to them. So take some time to talk to them, share stories, tell them about your day or ask them about theirs. You can tell them stories about their grandkids’ achievements in school. Your parents will be happy to spend even a few minutes over tea, talking about happy things.

Include them in your decisions

You’re making the money now, but that doesn’t mean your parents should never have a say when you have to make decisions about your family life, business or professional life. They probably have more wisdom than you think, and their advice can mean a lot. For them, at least, it’s encouraging to hear you ask about what they think.

Don’t cut your old parents out of your life. They have always been there for you; they need you to be there for them now.