Settle for Nothing Less: Choosing an Efficient Irrigation System for Your Garden

sprinkler system

sprinkler systemThere are many full service sprinklers to choose from, but you need to invest in one that delivers the water strategically close to areas of the garden where it will do the most good. It is unfortunate that some systems lose too much water due to evaporation. Why is there a need to find a water efficient set-up for residential use? shares a few facts below:

Promoting Water Conservation

When there is no opportunity to replace the current sprinkler system, you may still implement measures to promote water conservation. If it turns on automatically, then change the schedule such that the sprinklers remain off when rain has just fallen on the ground. Moreover, you can conserve water by turning on the facility only when the sun is low in the sky. Turning it on during the hottest parts of the day will only lead to a high volume of water loss due to evaporation. If you are really keen on conserving water resources and cutting utility costs at the same time, ask local authorities about practical ways to make sure your garden is well irrigated. Ask for advice about how you can avoid wasting water. This is very important if you live in an area that currently experiences water scarcity.

Saving Water With Regular System Maintenance

You might live in an area where it is mandatory to save water and where irrigation setups are subject to strict rules and regulations. You might have to pay a penalty for violating any of them. Enjoying water savings over time is only possible if your sprinklers are functioning optimally in all occasions. Wet spots on the ground may be indicative of an underground leak. Missing heads may result in excess run off that will not only increase your water bill, but also lead to leaching of soil nutrients over time.

If you want to conclude the search for modern irrigation systems, landscaping experts can recommend a system with a 90% rate of efficiency.

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