Say Goodbye to Contamination: Keeping Water Clean at Home

Drinking WaterRegardless of where your water comes from, there is always a risk of contamination. With the potential danger of contaminated water, many households in Sydney invest in filtration systems. You can use different methods to keep your water clean and safe from harmful organisms.

Providing Clean, Safe Water for Your Home

Water filtration may undergo either a physical or a chemical process—boiling water or making use of carbon filters are just two of the most common ways to do this. As most water filtration systems come with simple designs, you can create your own water filter without needing a plumber.

Experts on Sydney water filters recommend the following tips on installing your own filtration system:

1. Prepare the materials

A gravity-fed system is the easiest type of water filtration system to make. To create this, you need a lid, a ceramic pot, a receptacle tank, and a spigot. The lid should match the receptacle tank. Make sure that your ceramic pot doesn’t have any cracks, as these can serve as an entryway for microorganisms. The pot should also be unglazed, so water can easily seep through it.

2. Complete the design for your filtration system

Fill the ceramic pot with water and check how fast it seeps out. If the water drains in less than three hours, you need to use a different pot to reduce the rate of flow. Once you have filled the pot with water, put it inside the receptacle tank. Attach the spigot on the side and then use the lid to cover and secure the tank from contamination.

What you have just constructed is called the Rabbit Ceramic Filter Design. While this serves as an effective solution to filter water, you need to clean the system regularly to prevent bacteria build-up. As what they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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