Say No to Cancer: 3 Ways to Reduce Your Risk

Drinking water

Cancer is still a leading cause of death in Australia. In 2011, more than 43,200 people died from cancer. Fortunately, you have power over that scary fate. Many experts believe cancer is preventable. Though there are no proven ways, you may lower your risk of developing it.

Balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding tobacco products, of course, are your first line of defence. Try the following healthy habits:

Filter tap water

No one fully understands how people develop cancer. Over the past few years, however, experts have found that contamination of drinking water plays a major role in this deadly disease. According to and other benchtop water purifier companies, filtering your tap water will reduce your exposure to known carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals. Be sure to store water in glass or stainless steel to avoid chemical contaminants.

Drinking water

Always marinate meat

Focus on what you eat. Processed meats can contain cancer-causing chemicals. Cutting down on grilled meat to avoid cancer has scientific evidence behind it. If you do grill, protect your health by marinating your meat. Keep in mind to soak the meat for at least an hour to your favourite marinade. The acid in marinades may slow the growth of harmful bacteria.

Limit smartphone use

Some say that using your smartphone regularly for a long period can increase your chances of developing certain types of brain cancer. Use your phone only for short calls or texts, or consider using a hands-free device that keeps it away from your head. Whenever possible, use the speaker mode or a wired headset. Limit the duration of exposure and the proximity to your body.

You may lower your risk of cancer if you have a healthy lifestyle. It is important to monitor your body as well. Recognise any changes such as unexplained bleeding and lumps and ask for advice immediately if these instances might be serious.