Safety Practices to Remember When Doing Roofing Tasks

Roofing Precautions in Lower HuttWorking on your roof or installing a new roof is, perhaps, one of the riskiest jobs you can do. Yet to install or fix a roof is important, as it is that part of the home that protects you from the elements. If your roof has already served its purpose, sometimes you really need to replace it. You can also do this to give your home a new look.

Either way, you need to be very careful should you decide to install a new roof. The risk of falls, as well as injuries related to being hit by falling objects is so great that government agencies have issued specific guidelines for the maintenance of safety when working with roofs.

Fall Arrest Systems

One way to ensure safety when working with roof is to use a fall arrest system. These harnesses are similar to the ones used by mountain and pole climbers, which are wrapped around the body and attached to an anchor point mounted on a higher level. The point in these systems is that, should you fall, the harness and its attachment will effectively stop you from hitting the ground. Think of it as a bungee cord, only this time it is not elastic. You will still fall, but will not get any fall-related injuries.

Fall Restraint Systems

A more common system used in preventing falls is a fall restraint system. This is similar to the harness on fall arrest systems and is securely anchored at some stable point. The only difference is that these systems will prevent you from falling.

Falls Prevention Measures

In addition to the use of either fall restraints or fall arrestors, you should also observe the following safety measures:

  • Wear the appropriate footwear as well as helmet or hard hat
  • Avoid working on wet surfaces
  • Ensure a stable ladder and climb properly
  • Clear the work area of any roofing supplies and tools, or debris
  • Make sure to install safety nets whenever feasible
Other Safety Measures

Aside from ensuring safety from falls, you also need to be careful in handling hammers, nails, utility knives, and other tools that will be used in the installation of your roof. Even electrical safety measures should be considered.

One of the most pressing concerns in installing a roof is injuries resulting from falls. When appropriate fall-safety measures are instituted, you can minimise the chances of being seriously injured at least.