Rise of the Digital Radio

Digital Radio

Digital RadioThe radio has been around for a long time. In Australia, the radio came to the public in 1922. During this year, the Australian government licensed the first broadcast station in the country. Almost a century later, the radio is still standing.

Higher than High

Radio technology has advanced to go beyond just FM and AM frequencies. DAB+ is a recent and has a higher frequency than AM. Transmitting through DAB+ frequency, new digital radios have brought new features for the public to enjoy.

Digital radios promise to deliver better reception and better quality of sound. You also get to tune in on stations by station name instead of through frequencies. Some digital radios even have displays now, and you get to see artist and song information along with lots of other features. It is a step up than just your ordinary radio.

Radio In for Work

Now, digital radio can also be applied in industry in the form of digital radio communications. You can have digital radios instead of analogue radios. Industries like construction, transportation, security, retail, and many others can benefit from this new advancement in radio technology.

Better In Every Way

What are the differences between digital and analogue radios? Digital radios improve calling capacity and voice clarity even in messy environments and long distances. They’re also more reliable and have longer battery life.

Apps Coming to Radio

More than that, the potential of the digital radio is still being explored. What has been discovered so far is the capability of digital radios for application software, just like smartphones. You can text, enjoy other apps and even read barcodes. Current research is still in progress. Who knows what the future of digital radio may hold?

Simple and Easy

You may wonder what the difference of an app-capable digital radio and smartphone technology is. A digital radio is more private and easier to operate for work than smartphones. It is ideal for companies that need a closed communications system which can easily be accessed.

The advancement of digital radio can be changing the landscape of radio systems in both the public and in industry. Whatever the future holds, the radio is still here to stay.