Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website

Web Design in BrisbaneIs your business always on the move? Sometimes, the expansion can be so rapid that you forget about your website. This is interesting because the website is the face of your business. Many people in Brisbane have realised this fact and have already bought the idea of redesigning their websites

Here are a few reasons that you may also want to follow suit.

1.    Mobile Responsiveness

Does your website look the same on the phone as it is on the computer? If so, you are eons behind the rest of the digital world. Most people in Brisbane are doing most of their internet searches using their phones. If you would like to reach to the majority of visitors more effectively, redesigning your site for a more mobile friendly one is necessary.

2.    Diminishing Conversion Rates

Probably your website is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. However, it does not seem to generate as many customers as you had hoped. As SEO experts in Brisbane would tell you, such a site is as worthless as an outdated poster. Check the conversion rates of the site and tweak everything to generate visitors’ interest once again.

3.    Your Site May be Simply Too Old

It is dumbfounding how technology is changing so fast these days. Even more so is the fact that technology can render you irrelevant if you fail to go with the times. You may need to update that site you built six years ago if you do not want a visitor to land on your homepage and say, “Huh, this firm must have stopped operations years ago!”

4.    Need for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO for websites is necessary if you would like your business to have better results on Google and other search engines. SEO can do a lot for your business including increased brand awareness, more traffic to your site and more targeted visitors.

Conversion rates, SEO, mobile responsiveness and age of the site – all these matters when it comes to the effectiveness of a site for business. If your website does not have these qualities, it may be time for a total overhaul.