Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing: How to Make Your Roof Better

metal roofing

metal roofingWhen you put a roof on your newly built home, or when you replace your existing roof, you have different choices in material. Regardless of the style of the roof, metal roofing may be a good option.

Metal roofs come with a number of benefits, confirms, although they do have their share of disadvantages too. You can choose from tin, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum, and zinc.

• The advantages of such roofs

They are very durable and so they last longer than some other types. The life expectancy is 40 years at the minimum, whereas the conventional asphalt roofs last a maximum of 20 years only even if you take good care of them. Metal is durable, will not crack or corrode easily, and some types are impact-resistant too. Most of them can sustain strong wind gusts. They can also be customized and fabricated per your specifications.

• Eco-friendly and efficient

They do not need any pricey maintenance, although they will need regular inspection to ensure that all is well—no rust or holes. They are safe as they will not catch fire. They reflect the solar heat and can decrease your cooling costs significantly. Recycled content can be used to make such roofs. The roofs themselves can be recycled too. So they are both energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

• Some disadvantages

They are a bit pricier than other, more traditional materials. During a hailstorm they can be noisy, but with more insulation this problem can be solved. They may contract and expand during extreme temperature fluctuations. But if they are correctly installed with fasteners that allow breathing space, this issue will not cause problems. The installation should be made in such a way that water never accumulates on it.

Picking the right material, fabricating your roof well and letting professionals install them will ensure that you enjoy their benefits more.

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