Proper Trimming Schedule is at the Core of Hedge Maintenance

Hedge maintenance in WillageeHave you ever had an argument with a neighbour about the hedges? The hedges on your land are your responsibility, but if you share a boundary hedge with another property owner, you have to agree on matters concerning trimming.

You will get into a serious argument if you trim without regard for proper pruning practices. You might also unintentionally stifle plants nearby if the hedge grows too dense due to indiscriminate cutting. Learn a few things about hedges before you start cutting.

Ensuring the health of the hedges

A neat hedge is what you want to see. If hedges are well-maintained they will beautify your property, serve as boundary and protect your home from the wind. New hedges should be narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.

At the early stage, it’s critical to ensure the plant receives adequate sunlight. When the hedge receives plenty of sun it will grow and the hedge will establish itself. Let it grow and once it reaches the form and height you desire, do your best to maintain it.

When should you trim?

Gardeners from say leaving a hedge unchecked is not a smart move if you want a well-maintained garden. The pruning schedule will be different for each plant. The first thing you need to do is learn about the proper schedule for each type.

Fast growing plants require attention, so be ready to prune them often. Evergreen hedges only need trimming twice a year—thrice at the most. For some plants, the pruning schedule depends on when the flowers bloom. For others, it’s best to cut when the flowers fade.

You may still do light trimming all throughout the year, but you have to learn the right schedule of trimming for each type of hedge. That’s the best way to care for them. For proper garden maintenance, authorities offer guidelines and assistance in hedge trimming. Enquire about the proper pruning schedule for your plants, and the best tools to use.