Professional Plumbing Advice for New Homeowners

Plumbing contractor in Salt Lake CityResidents can turn to plumbing contractor for plumbing system troubleshooting advice. If you ever come across any of the problems below, here are some troubleshooting ideas from professionals.

Where did the hot water go?

Water heating systems require yearly maintenance. If this is not on your list of “things-to-do” then perhaps the system has already collected too much sediment or the gas thermocouple has turned cold. Sometimes, you only need to check the pilot light and tweak the system a bit. In some cases, the only solution to the problem is a new and updated water heater. Don’t turn the valves if you really don’t know anything about the system. A plumbing contractor in Salt Lake City can help you if you want a hot water shower the next day.

The horrors of the garbage disposal

Overheating the motor causes disruption to garbage disposal operation. You can probably replace the circuit breaker if this is the case. It usually takes a new set of blades or a professional unclogging maneuver to restore function, however. You can prevent all these if you use the garbage disposal properly. Don’t stuff it with items, which are difficult to grind. Avoid pouring grease and oily waste. When you put refuse and food wastes do so gently, and do not overstuff it. Lastly, turn the unit on and let the hot water flush remnants away before you place more waste.

Water pressure blues

When the strong stream of water turns into a drizzle, you have water pressure problems. Turn the shut-off valve opens all the way if it’s only partly open. If water flow does not improve, call a licensed professional to diagnose the problem.

Plumbing problems arise when you least expect them, especially in households that fall to neglect. You may troubleshoot some of them, but your best bet is to call plumbing professionals immediately.