Problems You May Face During Renovation

House Renovation in PerthYou might have heard about shoddy renovation works and inadequate budgets, but there are other things to worry about as you embark on a home renovation project. If yours is an old home, surprises can be plentiful. To prepare for the project, consider these common remodelling problems and see what to do about them if they occur.

Foundation Issues

There is one thing with almost all older houses: the upper part is excellent but the foundation is weak. For instance, many houses from the 50s and 60s used a cinder block. This material is structurally unstable and tends to crack at the slightest provocation. Generally, older foundations did not incorporate proper grading. You will know you are dealing with such a floor when you notice cracks on the floor and sticky windows and doors.


Galvanised pipes in older homes pose problems to home renovations. Usually, it is a case of clogging, corrosion or both. This problem is not confined to the house; sewer pipes are equally affected. These pipes were used as early as the 1960s and have since been passed by time. Replace them with plastic or copper pipes to prevent problems during subsequent home renovations.

Electrical Wiring

When most of the old houses in Perth were built, it is highly likely that the codes did not require grounding of electrical outlets. However, times have changed and new codes are now in place and Perth renovation builders use them. As you remodel the house, industry expert Granny Flats WA says you might be required to adhere to existing codes. For instance, this might mean installing a ground-fault-interrupter (GFI), which can be a complicated task.

The choice to remodel your home is massive and should be satisfactory. After the remodelling project is underway, you can expect several surprises. Some of them can end up increasing your budget significantly. With the four points shared here, you should be able to prepare in advance for some of the most common problems in older home renovations.