Principles to Aid Healing After a Facelift

Woman about to get a facelift

You may want a Beverly Hills facelift you can get from clinics such as Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills to enhance your look, but you have to consider the downtime. Depending on your specific situation and the type of facelift you choose, recovery time will vary compared to other patients.

You can follow a few general principles, however, that may help you along with your recovery.

Schedule Your Procedure Right

First, when you plan to undergo a facelift, planning a schedule will be key. Work or school usually gets in the way of recovery. Time your procedure wrong and you may have to spend a few weeks at home, missing all the work assignments or schoolwork.

The holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas presents a perfect opportunity for you to recover without missing work or school. When you want to undergo surgery soon, however, you can time your recovery with your vacation during summer or take a leave for two weeks.

Alternately, you can ask if you can work from home.

Walk and Stretch

Now, your plastic surgeon will give you instructions on how to recover well after surgery. You can follow your surgeon’s orders and add a little walking and stretching to it. As long as you casually do them, these activities can actually boost your immune system. You will then heal faster.

Stay Away from Nicotine

Smoking has become a rather frowned-upon activity today, but if you still smoke, you will heal faster if you refrain from any nicotine product during recovery. Even before your surgery, you have to stop already. Smoking will only make your recovery harder.

Know Your Required Diet

Finally, you will have to eat a well-balanced diet, too. Recovery will also be hard when you lack the needed nutrients and minerals for healing. At the same time, you cannot eat certain kinds of food for their probable negative effects on your recovery. Ask your surgeon what to eat and what not to.

With the principles above, you will be back to work or school in no time with your new face.