Preparing Your Home for the Rainy Season

Rain dropping on a roof

When the warm days come to an end and the rainy season begins, you have to prepare your home adequately. After all, heavy precipitation is often accompanied by strong winds that can wreak havoc on your house. The good thing is that there are ways to prepare your home to avoid potential damage.

Making the right preparation involves fixing strategic points of your house. The following tips will help shield your home from heavy rain and strong winds.

Get Your Roof Ready

Check the roof for cracks and have roof spouting repairs done. Cracks aren’t easily noticeable; if you aren’t sure what to check for, call a professional. Damaged spouting should also be repaired immediately, since it can cause waterlogging on your roof.

Once the repairs are done, ensure a coat of waterproofing compound is applied to your roof.

Repair Your Walls

Take a close look at your walls for any signs of cracks or damage to your siding and have them fixed. Just like roofing, siding plays a great role in protecting you and your family against harsh weather elements. A cracked wall will let in water and wind, which can only cause further damage to your home. It also increases the risk for illnesses and mould growth.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Cut branches that are close to your home or hanging over your roof. When heavy rains come, these branches can be weighed down with water and fall on your roof, causing cracks and other damage. Additionally, moist conditions are perfect for snails, slugs, and snakes. So, it helps to clear the bushes around your home.

Take all the necessary safety steps required when the heavy rains come. You should also keep an eye on the weather reports to understand the duration of the rain. By preparing your home, you will not protect your family, but also your home.