Paralegal Pay: How Competitive Is Competitive?

A Paralegal's Competitive Pay GradeMuch has been said about the growing prestige of paralegalkind. Legal assistants are no longer just limited to clerical duties whose importance is relative, but rather indispensable members of the legal team. As the practice becomes more complicated, and demands continue to pile up, law firms, corporations, and government agencies can’t go without the services of paralegals in the 21st century. More responsibilities and opportunities come with this newfound relevance.

Apart from the key roles legal assistants are expected to play in any organization, is this long overdue respect accompanied by well compensation? In the mind of any aspiring paralegal, the high status is good, but it’s nothing if the pay can’t keep up.

Fortunately, the industry offers competitive wages to paralegals today, and the future even looks brighter. As The Center For Legal Studies says, “Paralegalism is one of the fastest growing careers in the country.”

Entry-Level vs. Higher Positions

In general, paralegalkind earns modest and moderate wages. When you first enter the industry, you’re expected annual pay should be about $30,000, but that would go up to about $100,000 or more as you beef up your resume. This is why many legal assistants continue to pursue to additional online paralegal training for advanced studies to further their career growth.

On the Rise

The industry has seen a stable growth in the compensation department since 2009, which would most likely continue its upward trend in the years to come. An average legal assistant earns about $50,000, but overtime pays and bonuses are what actually make a paralegal’s bank account greener.

Depending on Your Area of Practice

Paralegals belong to different fields, and some pay better than others. Working in corporations, especially in the IT industry, proves to be the most compensating.

It’s certainly feels good to be a paralegal in this day and age. With extensive education and a wealth of experience, your hard work would definitely pay dividends later on.