Out With the Old: Three Ways to Sell Inherited Jewelry


JewelrysVintage jewelry has its own charm compared to those that glitter in shop window displays. Many people fancy rustic jewelry for their quaint features and the stories they tell, which is why the vintage trade never goes old. If you want or need to sell your inherited jewelry for some reason, you can decide between selling it to thrift or consignment stores, or use it as collateral for a loan.

Earn a Little, Support a Good Cause

Selling pre-loved items to thrift stores is an opportunity to support a good cause. By definition, a thrift store is a resale store run by a non-profit organization to raise money for charity. Although you will not get much from it, you are passing on a valuable item to future generations. The history behind these pre-loved items adds value to them, which is why vintage is timeless.

Consign for a Decent Return

A consignment shop is somehow similar to a thrift shop. They are the same in that all items are pre-loved and pre-owned. The big difference is in the quality and value of the merchandise. The selling of merchandise in a consignment store is more systematic, and consumers can count on better quality and selection. If the item is high-end and is in good condition, a consigner will assign a decent price on it.

Use it as Collateral for a Loan

The third way is the best option if you really need money, but do not want to get rid of your inherited jewelry. Using jewelry as collateral for a loan is an ancient practice. But, be careful in choosing the place to do this.

If you have diamond jewelry, go for companies such as HullLoanSystem.com to take a loan using diamonds and jewelry as collateral. Watch out for pawnshops that have hidden charges. The best thing to do is to communicate with the broker and know their terms and conditions.

These are three practical ways to benefit from old jewelry. If you sell or consign it, hope that the next owner will love them the same way you did. If you do not want to lose it completely, pawning is the best choice for you. Either way, it is nice to know that even our old possessions retain their value over time and countless use.