Oral Hygiene and Remedies: Going Au Naturel

Oral Hygiene in GlenviewAs dentistry advances, people continuously look for more affordable, safer, and healthier remedies. The answer, it appears, may be found in nature. Even some dental practitioners today promote natural treatment and prevention.

Check out some au naturel treatments proven to fight oral disease and keep the mouth nice and clean:

A Brush You Can Chew

A chew stick or miswak comes from the Arak tree, also known as the Toothbrush tree. People chew on the tip of the twig to spread out its bristles and use it as a regular toothbrush – but without the toothpaste. A study claims that it provides a natural-bristle with healing oils produced by the tree.

A synthetic toothbrush comes with hard, medium, and soft bristles. The chew stick bristles are soft, the type that Glenlake Dental Care highly recommends. Their dentists say soft bristles are as effective as hard ones in removing plaque, but gentle enough to prevent gum irritation.

Rinsing with a Tea

Black and green teas contain polyphenols, which slows bacteria growth associated with gum disease. People who rinsed with black tea had less plaque buildup, researchers from the University of Illinois found. Another study claims that tea fights halitosis or bad breath. Like mouthwash, it promotes healthy gum and fresh breath.

Remember to not drink the tea after rinsing with it – you don’t want the bacteria going somewhere else!

A Sweet Dab

Honey has antioxidants and flavonoids that can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Additionally, research says its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can soothe a mouth or canker sore.

After a brief rinse of warm water at night, dab a thick amount directly to the sore. Continue this for three to four days, and in less than a week, the sore goes away.

It’s not always bad to step back from modern treatments and turn to traditional hygiene practices and remedies. If worse comes to worst, you still have your dentists nearby to provide you with the advice and treatment you need.