Not Too Big, Not Too Small: Buying Your Snow Gloves

Snow Gloves

 Snow GlovesThe key to keeping your hands comfortable and maintaining your dexterity during snow sports is wearing perfectly fitted gloves. Ill-fitting mittens or gloves might not warm up your hands and make it hard for you to grip your poles. Mittens or gloves that are too small for your hands might limit your movements and leave your wrist exposed to the cold.

To ensure that you have the right fit, pay close attention to these pointers.

  • Ensure that your fingertips barely touch the tips of the gloves. Much like shoes, some people prefer some room at the tip of their gloves for comfort. Just make sure the gloves fit sufficiently, so you can easily buckle your snowboard bindings or your boots with your gloves on. With some gloves, you’ll find that the palm part fits snugly, but not the fingertips – or vice versa. In this case, recommends buying burton gloves for a better fit.
  • Try pushing down between your index finger and your thumb without using too much pressure. If you have to use too much pressure, this means the gloves are too small. Use this testing method when comparing gloves. Try this method using your middle and index fingers, though the result may not be as evident as when you use your index finger and thumb.
  • Majority of leather gloves need to be broken in, so expect some stiffness the first time you use them — think of how you break in new leather shoes. Goatskin leather models may require two to four days to soften up.

Different gloves come in a range of sizes, especially if the manufacturer used different materials. These are also available in different finger lengths and palm widths. Be thorough with your choice, so you can find the right gloves for your winter activities.