No Worries with Self-Storage Security Features

Self-Storage Facility in PerthYou have already figured out how much space you need to store household belongings that you have no use for at this time. This information is one of the most important parameters to consider when you rent public space for your personal belongings.

The other significant issue to tackle is security. You have to find a facility that gives you easy, 24/7 access to your items while barring unauthorised parties.

Padlocks are not enough to keep burglars away

Some self-storage facilities in Perth offer flimsy security. Resourceful burglars often masquerade as customers. When they get the chance, they bring out the bolt cutters and infiltrate storage spaces. If the surveillance is also poor, they can get what they want and walk away without paying for their crime. Self-storage facilities must have advanced security features beyond the security gate codes. At the least, cylinder locks and not old-school padlocks should guard the door to the area with your precious belongings.

Modern security features checklist

As recommends, you must make a detailed enquiry about the security features of the facility you plan to rent. Start with the perimeter fence, which must be in optimal condition. The gate should not only have an access code, but also security guards as additional protection. The door that protects your belongings should also offer ample security, not just from people with criminal intent, but also from the elements. The latch must be fortified, and the door seal should be nothing less than perfect. You will feel most secure if there are is an alarm system on your door that only your secret personal pass code can deactivate.

Exclude facilities without exterior and interior monitoring. A state-of-the-art surveillance system is a must-have feature. As an additional security measure, the area must also have a fully functioning and updated fire protection system.

Before you settle for an affordable storage space, ask details about security to be sure your personal belongings are safe.