More Than Just Welcoming: Choosing Entrance Mats

"A nice entrance of a luxury house over outdoor landscape

Upon entering a home or establishment, doormats are among the first few things that welcome a visitor. It might not exactly be something that people would appreciate, but it plays a very important role in the overall appearance of your property.

Even will agree that entrance mats for commercial properties are not only for aesthetic purposes. It also helps reduce dirt from entering the premises. However, not all entrance mats are the same. Here is a guide to help you find the right mat that will serve your needs.


With hundreds of people going in and out of your establishment every day, it will just be fitting to invest in quality mats. Mats that will last long despite footsteps and shoe soles do not come cheap, but they are definitely something worth the money.


You might place your mats inside or outside your property. It depends on where you prefer it to be. In choosing which type of mats to buy, the location will dictate the purpose and usage of your mats. Outdoor mats absorb dirt and dust accumulated underneath one’s footwear, while indoor ones serve as a secondary cleaning agent. Your mat type will depend on which location you plan to put it.


What type of flooring does your commercial property have? A thin mat will not work on rough surfaces. Therefore, before choosing your mat, make sure you have checked on which floor type you will place it.


Sizes usually depend on your door. Some properties want to stretch their entrance mats a few feet longer. It all depends on your preference and the design that you choose.


Customised entrance mats are more expensive than normal ones. When it comes to commercial mats, prices might differ depending on the quality and style of your choice.

Choosing entrance mats for your property? Keep these things in mind and be able to find the right one for your use.