Money from Trash: Starting a Scrap Metal Business

A heap of recyclable metals

When we hear the word “business”, a lot of ideas come into mind, but money from trash is not usually one of them. Scrap metal trading, however, can be a very profitable business. Aside from gaining profits from an endless supply of items people discard every day, you also get to help in recycling scrap metal.

The benefits

  • You already know the benefit of this business to the environment. How do you benefit from it?
  • You can get substantial income from it.
  • You can do it part-time.
  • The economy rarely affects the demand for scrap metal.
  • Starting this business is not as heavy on the pocket as others are.

The risks

As substantial as those benefits would be, there will always be challenges. The problems lie in these five things.

  • Sharp metals – You are dealing with scrap metals here. That means they are not clean-cut, and some may have sharp edges.
  • Large sizes – Do you have a big space for your business? If not, you should look for one.
  • Toxic metals – You should be prepared to deal with all types of scrap metals, including metal drums that may have chemicals.
  • Segregation – Learn how to segregate quickly. Scrap metals do not come sorted out; you will have to do the sorting out yourself.
  • Business management – You cannot do this business alone. You need to look at hiring a few hands or more and growing your business to have heavy machinery for the bigger-sized scraps.

Recycling scrap metals is not as simple as it looks. You need to have the dedication, time, and focus.