Making Homemade Hollandaise You Can Be Proud to Serve to Friends and Loved Ones

Hollandaise Sauce with Black PepperEvery home cook in America has his or her own way of preparing the “perfect” hollandaise—one of the core pillars of classic French cuisine. The creamy emulsion goes well with steamed asparagus, fish dishes, and Eggs Benedict, of course. Seasoned with salt and a dash of cayenne pepper or a dash of hot pepper sauce, this simple yet elegant sauce adds a buttery richness to any dish. It’s not too flavorful to overpower mild dishes. A well-prepared sauce offers just enough tang from the acidic component to add a new dimension to a dish.

What goes in the sauce?

The key ingredients making up the opaque emulsion egg yolk, melted butter, Dijon mustard, and vinegar. Some prefer lemon juice, instead of vinegar. Custom Culinary notes that the best hollandaise sauce mix contains essentially the same ingredients. The secret to making a good preparation is using fresh and high-quality ingredients. The sauce is not as complicated as some people make it to be. It is mostly butter sauce and eggs, and if you have fresh ingredients, you’re off to a good start.

Making homemade hollandaise like a pro in the kitchen

To make a sauce you can be proud to serve to family and friends, you have to pay attention to the details, nonetheless. It is not a simple as mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl and serving it afterwards. The yolk must be of the desired thickness; otherwise, the sauce would fall apart. You do not want it too thick as well. The key to achieving the right kind of consistency is how to heat the egg yolks. Too much heat makes the protein components coagulate. Too much heat results in curdling so keep the heat low and take your time.

The sauce is easy enough to prepare, but you have to brace yourself for plenty of whisking. It’s all the wrist, and if you do it well, the rewards are sumptuous. Some cooks recommend using a blender. It’s up to you.

Now, are you ready to make hollandaise?