Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean

clean and crystal-clear swimming pool

It is unfortunate that most pools get dirty as soon as the pool maintenance professionals leave the compound. There are a few things you can do to your pool to ensure that it remains clean, odor-free and clear of any debris before the next routine maintenance. Here are some of them.

Check heating equipment and piping for calcium deposits

Over time white calcium deposits accumulate in the pipes and the piping of the heating equipment. The deposits may lower the flow of the water to and from your heating unit. If there are calcium deposits, do not attempt to replace the pipes. In Salt Lake City, you can contact professional swimming pool services for pipe cleanup and replacement.

Remove debris from the surface of the water

If there are trees around your pool, you will find lots of dried stick and leaves as well as insects on the surface of the water. You can remove them easily by skimming the surface with a net that is attached to a long handle.

Have everyone bathe before getting to the pool

Ammonia is one of the waste products emitted by the skin when we sweat. It reacts with nitrogen to form chlorine gas. The chlorine gas produces a pungent smell that accumulates in the pool after some time.  Bathing lowers the amount of ammonia excreted from the body. You can cover the smell by using super chlorinate which raises the chlorine levels in water.

Do not swim with your dog

Pets are harder to keep very clean. Moreover, they will leave some of their fur in the pool. Others may urinate there. Therefore, it is good not to swim with your dog. It helps keep the water clear and free of dander.

Proper pool maintenance ensures that it remains clean until the next service. It saves you from having to clean the pool again between the routine cleanups. Let the above tips be your guide.