Keeping Your Newborn Baby Safe and Healthy — A Few Tips

A newborn baby sleeping soundly

Determined to keep their babies safe and healthy, new parents often outdo themselves when shopping for their bundles of joy. From the comfy baby cots to feather soft tiny baby clothes to safe baby bottle and bottle brushes, you want it all.

The last thing you want is for your little one to lack anything once they debut into this world. Adequate preparation is key to keeping babies safe and healthy in the home and avoiding unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

1. Limit contact with visitors.

It is common for a horde of adoring aunties, uncles, cousins and doting grandparents to come calling after the arrival of the baby. Naturally, these well-meaning relatives want of hold and cuddle the baby and coo over her adorability.

It is your sacred duty to stand between them and the newly-minted baby with delicate and fragile immune system, at least for the couple first months.

Failing to put your foot down could lead the baby to pick infections such as colds and flu from your friends and relatives. At this stage of a baby’s development, such a condition puts your baby’s health at a great risk.

2. Let them soak up some sun.

If you stick to open spaces such as recreational parks, you can take your little one out for a sunny stroll. Just be sure to dress them right and keep the sessions short, say about 15 minutes.

A healthy dose of sunlight provides the little one with Vitamin D, which is essential for brain development, strengthening the immune systems and improving sleep. If the weather is too drab to venture outside, you can just hand by the window and ensure they catch a few rays.

While newborn babies are cute and adorable, they are quite delicate and susceptible to all manner of diseases. Therefore, you need to take precautionary measures to keep them safe and healthy.