Keep Your Animals in Optimal Health with the Appropriate Calf Feed

Taking Care Of Your CalvesIf you are not entirely used to feeding calves, you can end up compromising their health. Whether you intend to raise horses for elite sports or simply to aid in farm work, you would want them to be in their best energy levels at all times. Apart from the conditions you provide them, such as the height of their bunks, which should not be too high for the smaller ones, the calf feed should be apt for them, Takanini Feeds says.

You ought to be mindful of the different minerals they receive, particularly in respect to the season. For instance, in the hotter days, you might need to give more magnesium in order to prevent grass tetany which can be fatal to your animals.

Timing and Comfort are Essential

When giving them feed, you should also be aware of the schedule. Being consistent with feeding times will ensure they have a constant appetite for food as opposed to feeling hunger because of the fluctuations with timing.

When you are receiving new calves, you need to establish this early on as you would do yourself a favour in the long run. Of course, you should not rush them into this process as the calves might have been tired with the transit. Allow them to receive the needed rest before you work on formulating their diet regimen.

As mentioned, they should be comfortable with the space they are lying in. Otherwise, they would end up standing most of the time, hence wasting a lot of precious energy.

Look for Specific Components

While you may be getting “quality” forages, you should also check for yourself the ingredients they contain. For instance, Sudan hay is likely to possess nitrates, whereas alfalfa has been associated with elevations in harmful endotoxins and lipopolysaccharides, especially when fed early on.

A good option would be hulls and grass hay as these would be easily palatable. Proper feeding and quality products are key elements in ensuring the health of your calves. Setting things up would be challenging mostly at the start, but will quickly be easy once you get used to things later on.