Investing in Gold Coins Like a Pro

Gold CoinsEven though a considerable chunk of the precious metal market is moving from physical gold exchange traded funds to gold index, serious investors can still make a fortune by buying gold coins. Gold coin prices might fluctuate wildly, but they will always give you a value higher than the bare value of gold in the market.

The actual markup of each coin will depend on coin originality of historic value. This is so since most gold coins stay in families for years and everyone will attach some value to the inheritance. You must master this concept if you are to understand how to buy gold coins.

This extra aspect of gold coin investment adds a collector’s value to each coin, hence, stretching its worth beyond its actual weight in gold.

Weight VS. Collector’s Value

Gold bullion coins are the straightforward way to investing in gold coins. They vary in size and you can buy anything between 1/25 OZ to 1 kilo worth of gold. This adds some value to their sheer history making them an excellent way of passing wealth from investor to another over generations.

Know the Season and the Mint

No gold coin buyer will value products from untrustworthy mints. The true value of gold coins comes from their originality and scarcity. Buying new coins from trusted mints increases your chances of maturing them into true collector assets over time. Some of the mints to consider include

  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • United States Mint
  • Perth Mint
  • Austrian Mint

Venturing into Gold Rounds

If you are just interested in gold’s stability and purchasing power, you will find gold rounds more than enough. Gold rounds have no face value and are not legal tender. This means that their value will always be at par with current gold costs and they are a great way to go if you want to fragment your gold investment.

Any seasoned gold investor will embrace the diversity of the gold coin market. Knowing all the possibilities and playing each option to your advantage will help you meet your targets whenever you try to invest in gold.