Infiniti: Nissan in a Three-Piece Suit

Car exhaustInfiniti is Japanese carmaker Nissan’s foray into the American luxury car market. They directly compete with their Japanese counterparts Lexus from Toyota and Acura from Honda as well as with American brands such as Cadillac.

Over the years, Nissan has brought to life some of the most incredible automobiles known to man. The light and nimble Silvia was the purist’s driving car-simple and subtle. Even if production of the Silvia’s last iteration stopped in the early 2000s, Silvias are still a common sight in today’s racing and drifting competitions.

The Z line is another famous series of vehicles made by Nissan pitched as the bigger, badder brother of the Silvia with more power and true sports car looks to match, but above them all sits “Godzilla” – the mighty Nissan GT-R. It is said to be the ultimate performance car to rise from the East.

What Sets Infiniti Apart

With Infiniti, Nissan has set out to do just the same, but better. Think of Infiniti as Nissan in an expensive, tailored three-piece suit. Across the brand’s model range, its aggressive styling along with its bang to buck ratio is what sets Infiniti models apart from its competitors.

Nissan has packed every Infiniti model with technologies and luxuries that will blow their competition out of the water without shocking them with a huge bill at the dealer’s cashier. This is easily apparent when you compare Infiniti models to its competitors. For example, a base QX80 will cost $63,250, while a similarly equipped Lexus LX570 starts at $89,380.

Quality Assurance of The Nissan Brand

We’ve seen the performance pedigree of Nissan trickle down to more everyday cars like the Juke and the Maxima, which is a testament to the company’s engineering prowess and ability. With Infiniti being the more luxurious, premium brand of Nissan, we can expect the same – if not even higher levels of sophistication, quality, and performance from the wide range of Infiniti models available.