Ice Cubes for Ironing? Seven Alternative Uses of Ice Cubes

Ice CubesWhen you think of ice cubes, the first thing that comes to your mind is cold drinks. However, there are unusual uses for ice cubes that many people did not know. These uses might surprise you, but read on because they could be useful to you in the future.

Here are seven not-so-popular uses of ice cubes:

  1. Easy Gum Removal

In an event that a gum got stuck in your hair, clothes or carpet, put an ice cube directly on the gum. When gum hardens from the cold, you can easily scrape it off.

  1. Quick Way to De-Wrinkle Your Clothes

Before ironing wrinkled clothes, wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth. Rub the wrapped ice over the wrinkles to quickly smooth out your shirt.

  1. Carpet Dent Removal

Sometimes, when you place furniture on top of a carpet for a long time, it results in a carpet dent. To remove the dent, simply put an ice cube on the affected area and let it melt, then brush it up.

  1. Cleaning Vases or Bottles with Narrow Necks

Put ice cubes, salt and lemon juice inside the bottles and vases with slender necks. Then, shake the bottle or vase vigorously. This trick will definitely clean your hard-to-wash bottles and vases.

This trick is also helpful for restaurants that use various types of bottles. It can make their dishwashing process faster than usual.  Restaurants should not have a problem using a lot of ice in their dishwashing methods because there are local ice suppliers, like Klassic Ice, that can help them with their needs.

  1. Makeup That Lasts Longer

Simply wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth. Rub the wrapped ice cube to your face before putting your make up. This trick will make your makeup last longer than usual.

  1. Easy Way to Take Horrible-Tasting Medicine

Before taking a medicine with a bad taste, put an ice cube on your tongue to numb your taste buds. This trick is useful, especially for parents who have a hard time getting their kids to take medicine.

  1. Reheating the Rice Without Drying It Out

When you reheat rice in the microwave, it usually comes out dry. The remedy for this scenario is to place an ice cube on top of a bowl of rice before putting it in the microwave.

Ice cubes are not just little blocks that can quench your thirst.  It turns out that this tiny block has a host of practical applications that can save your day.