Ice Baths: Can You Lose Weight Without Exercising?

Woman enjoying a spa

Cryotherapy, also known as “cold therapy,” was first introduced as a cure for rheumatoid arthritis. This process eventually gained popularity when it was proven to destroy skin lesions effectively. Furthermore, elite athletes have found a way to soothe their sore muscles through this treatment.

Scientists claim that when your body is subjected to the brutal cold, it goes into survival mode. As a result, your metabolic rate goes into overdrive and eliminates calories in the process. added that spas specializing in ice cryotherapy also claim that this three-minute treatment can alleviate skin conditions, remove warts, improve sleep, eliminate stress, boost energy, and many other benefits.

How does cryotherapy cold sauna help with weight loss?

  • Cold saunas can increase the body’s metabolic rate significantly. As a result, it helps burn at least 800 calories per session. Also, it helps in the even distribution of body fat.
  • Cold saunas help release endorphins, the same group of hormones released when you exercise.
  • Cryotherapy helps facilitate caloric deficit, which the shortage of calorie consumption relative to the amount required for maintaining your body weight.
  • Cryotherapy results in improved sleep. Having a good night’s sleep and losing weight are connected because poor sleeping patterns compromise the immune system, which then leads to several health problems.
  • Cryotherapy helps in passive weight loss through increased muscle tone and improved blood circulation.
  • Cryotherapy decreases fatigue. If you’re too tired to work out at the end of the day, this three-minute treatment could stimulate all regulatory functions in the body. You’ll feel less tired and would be more energized to follow through with your workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cryotherapy

Is whole body cryotherapy safe?

Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen and cooling agents that don’t actually touch the skin. Furthermore, your internal body temperature remains constant during treatment.

What should you do before and after a session?

You don’t need to prepare anything before taking a cryotherapy session. As it uses dry air, there’s also no need to take a shower after.

What happens after the cryotherapy session?

You may feel a tingling sensation right after the session, but this will subside after a few minutes. Customers who have experienced ice cryotherapy claim to have a sense of diminished muscular pain and better sleep.

With cryotherapy, your brain is tricked into thinking that your body is freezing. As a result, it will trigger the natural healing mechanisms that will help with weight loss.