Humidity Can Cause Huge Damage To Hardwood Floors If Left Unchecked

Hardwood Flooring in MeridianHardwood flooring can provide the interior of your home with profound elegance and charm. The natural wood colors blend well with most interior home designs and architecture, which increases the aesthetic value of your home.

It might come as a surprise to you, but your home’s interior environment can cause some damage to your hardwood flooring. As if it is not enough, the damage is not limited to cosmetic changes but can also include physical alterations. So how does humidity affect your hardwood floors and what can you do to protect or restore them?

Inherent Qualities of Wood

You must understand that wood floorings, though they appear solid and inert can rapidly react to humidity variations. Though the wood may have already been dried, processed and transformed into floorings, they can still contract or expand with changes in temperature.

To compound the problem, hardwood flooring does not expand or contract equally in all areas. So do not be surprised if you see some areas displaying gaps or cracks and a bit of bulging in other sections. According to Huffington Post, this reaction to humidity is a natural tendency of wood to shrink or grow with temperature changes.


Perhaps the best way to prevent this phenomenon from occurring is to control your indoor temperature. This will help avoid moisture buildup, which can cause the hardwood flooring to contract or expand. During summer, ensure that your air conditioning system provides just enough cooling power to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. Do the same with your heating system during winter. Setting your thermostat too high or too low can cause sudden temperature changes that can affect your hardwood flooring.


According to the National Wood Flooring Association, try to avoid cleaning your hardwood flooring regularly with water or other types of water-based solutions. Instead, use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe your wood flooring. If you need to use cleaning products, make sure to use only those recommended ones and ensure you follow directions on the label.


There are instances where your hardwood flooring may be in such a deplorable state that it already needs some professional help. In this case, you may need to contact experts on hardwood floor refinishing in Meridian, ID to restore your flooring to its original state. These wood flooring professionals possess the necessary skills and tools to bring back aesthetic value to your floor.

Hardwood floors give homes a beautiful effect that could not be found in other materials. You just have to take care of it properly. If you notice any sign of cracks or gaps due to temperature changes, make sure that you contact experts so that these problems are addressed at the earliest. This will ensure that your hardwood floor retains its beauty for years.