How to Achieve Balance Between Minimalist and Shabby Chic Designs

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If the shabby chic aesthetic appeals to you but you love the practical sensibilities of minimalist design, you can combine these two styles to create an ultramodern but feminine space. If you’re starting anew with these two design philosophies, try these strategies to achieve balance and get the look you’re hoping for.

Style with Shabby Chic Accents

Incorporate the shabby chic look in the details of the space but exercise restraint. You can bring in the feminine touch with the use of well-curated accessories. Bring in items with a floral theme like an area rug or lampshade. Give the space a cosy feel by using assorted throw pillows with varying textures like a knitted pillowcase using an oversized yarn. Use enamel dinner sets for that added chic appeal. Remember to pepper your home with small shabby chic accessories but resist applying it in a big way like installing a frilly floral curtain.

Retain or Incorporate Pieces with Clean Lines

Evaluate your current pieces and furniture. Retain those that have cool and clean lines. Replace overly soft and plush couches and seats in favour for those with simple legs and a tight upholstery finish. Consider replacing excessively ornate and carved crown mouldings for those that are simple, straight and clean. Update cabinetry by replacing curved cabinets with straight ones with sleek new hardware.

Reclaimed Wood

An interesting feature of minimalist design is its prudent use of reclaimed wood since its philosophies are founded on values of resource conservation and ‘upcycling’. It also helps that the aged look of reclaimed wood satisfies the shabby chic design aesthetics. Select a reclaimed wood dining table or design an accent wall clad in reclaimed wood. Don’t forget that with this material, less is more to avoid getting that run-down look for the space.

With these tasteful strategies, you will soon achieve a well-appointed minimalist-meets-shabby-chic-home that you can be proud of.