How Much Should You Invest in a Laser Cutting Machine?

laser cutting tool

Manufacturing companies often overlook the true cost of investing in a laser cutting machine, by simply judging a piece of equipment’s cost-efficiency based on its price tag or potential to reduce operational costs.

However, equipment performance is a key factor in determining the real price to pay for using a laser machine. It would also depend on which type of laser you intend to use for your business.

Common Types

When choosing a laser cutter, C02 and fiber technology are among the most common types used for industrial applications. Fiber lasers have been a popular choice among many manufacturers due to the reduced operational costs. But AP Lazer explains that some companies still continue to use C02 laser cutting machines because of familiarity and experience in handling it.

One way to determine the real cost of a laser’s performance would require you to use a monitoring software system. This is especially useful for those who ultimately decide to adopt both fiber and C02 lasers into their operations. A monitoring software system lets you gauge a machine’s efficiency and productivity in real time.

Risk Management

Laser cutting technology has its fair share of disadvantages, but you can mitigate the risks by being aware of how certain materials react under laser beams. For instance, those who plan to cut plastic with laser should do so in a well-ventilated area. The toxic fumes emitted in the laser cutting process can be harmful to the workers’ health.

Proper training in handling laser equipment should also be mandatory due to the possibility of serious burns in case of poor handling. These are just some of the underlying responsibilities that anyone should consider before choosing the right equipment.

Don’t let the complexity of buying laser machines keep you from maximizing the benefits. Those who have urgent needs for laser cutting should look for suppliers who can offer a turnkey laser system.