Hip Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City You Can Live In

Neighborhood Street

As Salt Lake City is the capital city and the most populous city in Utah, it is also one of the foremost commercial and cultural centers in the state. The city’s economic ascent has resulted in the growth of many of its neighborhoods, some of which have exhibited more development than others.

Are you planning to transfer to Salt Lake City soon? The following are great neighborhoods in this great city.

Central City

Calm yourself; this is not the Central City from the DC Comics universe. What this neighborhood shares with the fictional one is the college town vibe that it exudes. It is a very artsy area, and it has one of the most diverse food cultures in this part of the country.

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Downtown Salt Lake City serves as the heart of all activity in the area, filled with a wide array of restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers and bars. There are also a few art galleries and bohemian centers on this side of the city.

Sugar House

Sugar House is one of the original areas that made up Salt Lake City. Now, it is the center of the city’s artisan flair, with its condominiums, boutiques, restaurants and bookshops. It is a booming business district; it is just that it also serves as the de facto capital of the city’s “shop locally” movement.

Rose Park

Rose Park was, at one time, one of the scariest parts of the city. But, it has now earned a reputation for being one of the areas in the city where outdoor culture is dominant.

Salt Lake City is a relatively unknown metropolis in the Middle Eastern part of the United States. But, looking at the neighborhoods mentioned in this list, it looks like Salt Lake City will soon be a big name that may even rival Los Angeles and New York.