Heli Hiking: Things Every Adventurer Should Know

heli hiking

heli hikingBecause the holiday season is here, it is time to think of the different activities you can try to enjoy a vacation. You can go on hikes, take a camping trip or go heli hiking. Preparing for trips like this is easy if you’re alone, but if you’re bringing your family with you, you need thorough preparations.

Different From Hiking

When you go for a nature hiking trip, you need to walk uphill almost the entire day. Not everyone will enjoy this even if you do love the outdoors. If you feel you are not fit enough for such long haul hikes, then heli hiking is a viable option. Tordrillo, a base camp for exploring some of the most spectacular heli terrain in the world, says this is different from normal hiking where you walk from one point to another in groups. You will have to keep pace and reach certain destinations by lunch time or night fall. But, in heli hiking, it is very different.

What Heli Hiking is

Here, you can take a helicopter ride to the place where the actual walk begins. Then, you can hike together up to a point. The helicopter will be waiting to pick up those who need a break from the walk. You will be flown until the next point where you can begin hiking again. You can also sit at any point and take in the beauty of the scenery around. Because all hikes tend to get harder progressively, this is the best way for everyone to keep pace.

You Set the Pace

In heli hiking, you set the pace. You can just walk up to the first point and take a break from then on, too. If you think you’re physically fit, then you can push yourself to the limit and keep walking for the whole hike. It is entirely up to you and your stamina. Most people love this, even senior citizens. Parents with young children will also love this activity.

So, the next time you are not feeling very fit, do not for hikes. Instead, choose heli hikes and enjoy the nature at its best.

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