Health Problems You Avoid by Reducing Your Body Fat Levels

Health Care in UtahMost people fail to understand that body fat affects inflammation reactions, hormonal changes, and toxin levels in the body. Fat is an important component of your body, but its harmful when it’s in excess amounts. If regular exercise is not giving you desirable weight loss results you expect, it’s good to explore other techniques such as liposuction.

Davis Surgical Associates and other professionals noted that the fat increase in the body could cause quite a number of health problems. Here are some examples:


Fat accumulation in the body can lead to obesity. The notion that obesity protects against bone loss has been found untrue. Studies show that adiponectin, an obesity-related hormone, is a great risk factor for fractures and osteoporosis. Scientists have proven that visceral fat, the fat around the organs, is highly detrimental to the bones. People with high-fat levels in their blood, muscle tissue, and liver have increased fat content in their bone marrows. Increased bone marrow fat likewise increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Hormonal Imbalance

Excess belly fat is among the major causes of a slow hormonal imbalance. Accumulation of fat in certain body areas, like around the midsection, decreases growth hormone levels. Conversely, high visceral fat levels elevate the amount of testosterone. Obese girls have increased levels of male hormones (androgens) in their early puberty stages. This exposes them to insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome among other health complications later in life.

Poor Liver Function

Insulin resistance will not always manifest in obese people only. Accumulation of fat in the liver can be a cause of most unseen dangers. Even slim people with fatty livers are at the risk of suffering insulin imbalance. This could expose them to other severe health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. In fact, ultrasound may reveal buildup of toxic fat in the liver of skinny people who feed on more high-carb foods even if their belly fat doesn’t appear.

Investing in effective weight loss techniques is a great way of expressing how valuable your overall health is. The weight loss method you choose should not only be effective, but also healthy. Those who don’t get weight loss results they desire from exercises and healthy eating, however, go for laser liposuction because it’s quick and affordable.