Headstones: Picking for the Deceased

Choosing Headstone in OgdenYou would think choosing a headstone for a grave is an easy task but it is really not. You do not want a grave marker for a loved one be as simple and as plain like all the others. Not only does a plain marker show that you care less, it can also be hard to spot in the midst of all other graves in the cemetery. A beautiful headstone is a good way of showing reverence for the dead.

Selecting headstones in Ogden can be difficult, as you have to go through a long process. Here are some things you need to look into.


The first thing you need to secure when choosing grave markers is the cemetery’s rules on it. Each cemetery may have different regulations regarding what you can use and what you can’t erect on the grave, says Lindquistmortuary.com. While some places may prefer uniform types of markers, others may give you more freedom on what to use. The size of the marker is usually one of the main concerns as you need to abide by your plot of land. Another is the type of material used on your headstone.


Once you have secured a headstone appropriate for the cemetery of your choice, it is time to decide on the epitaph. The common thing to put in is the name of the deceased and the dates of birth and death. While some may find these things enough, others may want to put other carvings as well. It can either be a logo unique to the person or a verse. The decision on what text to place may come from the deceased like a motto they lived by or a family member who knew the person well.

Headstones are one of the important pieces of memory a person can leave behind. Make sure it is something special.