Guerilla Marketing the Social Media Way

Guerilla Marketing in Social MediaLooking for ways to reach your target market effectively? Social media is now the first place to turn to for potential customers and leads. There are more than a billion users that post actively and share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined. These don’t even include networks that have a specific niche. This is why it’s important to maximize whatever tool you have and can have for leverage.

Guerilla marketing isn’t only for traditional marketers, though. You can also use the same concepts for your social media strategies:

Brand Identity

Social Connect and other social media marketing companies offering affordable services in Phoenix recommend using your logo across different platforms to build a strong brand. 

Guerilla marketers understand the importance of images in building an identity. These create associations and elicit emotional responses from your audience. Social media makes it easy for you to share your logo or use it when you publish and share content. When a person sees your logo regularly, they begin to be familiar with it and recognize it instantly. This recognition may lead to more clicks and even a higher conversion rate.

Unique Content Distribution

Social media fits into the high-exposure and cost-effective strategies that guerilla marketers implement. This platform is an ideal avenue to share and publish your unique content. Graphic illustrations, videos, blog posts, and other media forms are ideal to go viral on Facebook or Twitter. Promoting these through your profile boosts exposure and increases conversion rates and click-throughs.

Use Freebies

Providing your audience with incentives, such as promotional products and other types of freebies, gives them a reason to share your content, click on your links, or subscribe to your newsletter. Contests and giveaways are some good examples you can do. These strategies improve customer engagement, which positively affects your conversion and click-through rates.

Guerilla marketing works just as well with social media, with the latter being the ideal platform for low-cost but highly effective advertising strategies.