Got a Damaged Ring? Here are Your Repair Options

Engagement Ring In BoiseRings are intricate and gorgeous pieces of jewelry that hold sentimental value, like in the case of wedding and engagement rings. As with all jewelry, however, they will require refinishing and repairs. Just think of all the potential damage they’re exposed to due to daily wear. Know about common ring repairs that you should know.

Prong Repair or Replacement

If your ring has a stone setting (the kind of stone doesn’t matter, whether a diamond or something else), you have to constantly check the setting to make certain that your treasured stone doesn’t come loose. Consider having your rings checked by a professional jewelry repair person every couple of months to check if the prongs are still in perfect condition or if they require repair or replacement.

Stone Repair

All stones are vulnerable to damage (yes, sometimes even diamonds) that could result in tiny cracks or chips. If this occurs, an experienced jewelry repair specialist in Boise, ID suggests that you should have the stone coated or filled to hide the damage since a damaged stone can’t really be repaired to its former state.

Refinishing Ring Bands

No matter how careful you are of your rings, and regardless of their material, they’re bound to be nicked and scratched at some point. Silver, gold, titanium, white gold, cobalt, and rose gold are susceptible to damage over time, says an expert from White gold can even turn yellow in a couple of years. When this happens, you can bring your rings to a repair specialist for some refinishing, re-dipping, or polishing so that they’ll look good as new.

Resizing Ring Bands

The most common ring repair is resizing the band. Ring bands could easily be decreased or increased in size, given that the material can be resized. For example, while it’s possible to resize titanium bands, you could only have resized to a specific degree.

Don’t fret over your damaged rings because you can do something about it. Just make sure that you bring your rings to expert jewelry repair specialists so that you can have your damaged rings restored to their former beauty.