Get Hired without Using Up Your Resources: Make Interviews Count

Job Interview

Job InterviewLooking for a job can be very taxing and costly. You spend money on commuting and you need time to search for job vacancies. To maximize use of your resources, make each interview count by following these tips:

1. Ask for specifics.

Applying for a job is a two-way process. Prospective employers interview you to get to know your skills and personality, but that is just one way. You should also ask questions about the job.

Inquire about what the company expects from you so that you will not be surprised once you start working. Standard job descriptions are not enough to define a job. Make sure you know if you fit the position before accepting any offer.

2. Treat potential employers with respect.

Be respectful and put your best foot forward. Bear in mind that the people interviewing you are professionals; act like one. In fact, even Perth employment agencies that help get you a job deserve respect.

Treat them as an extension of the company. After all, they are selected to look for potential employees. Your treatment of them should reflect how you will treat the company.

3. Make yourself available.

You can’t let a call go unanswered. It could be your dream job. Opportunities may come when you least expect them. You will have missed a good employment option when a company calls with a job offer, but you did not bother to check your phone. If possible, make sure that your phone is within reach. You never know who’s going to call you.

Don’t waste a company’s time if you don’t intend to take the job. Just as you are showing respect by being on time, avoid going to interviews when you can’t commit. This makes a company hesitant to consider you for future work, especially if you applied for an urgent position.

4. Use other resources.

Some companies are more flexible with interviews. Always have a backup plan if you cannot make it to your appointment schedule. Ask them if they are willing to interview you over the phone, but make sure to do so politely.

Job hunting is not a game. Always be respectful. An employer or job agency might have an open position, but if you disrespect them, they will not hire you.

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