Gardening Tip: Copper Planters for a Change

Watering the Flowers

What a pleasant idea to go out and walk around the garden on a sunny day! The relaxing atmosphere of the natural surrounding creates an ambiance that soothes the mind — a perfect setting to read a book or the daily newspaper. To keep your garden orderly, here are some good reasons to consider using copper garden planters.

Decorative and Functional

SFgate explains copper garden planters are not only decorative but also rust-resistant. Although they tarnish with a greenish cast, they do not break or crack unlike clay pots. This gives them an antique vibe or a classic appearance. They keep pests away and heat up the soil under sunlight so plants grow faster and healthier. As one of the leading sources of garden antiques, Authentic Provence, suggests Belgian copper garden planters can make a pleasant pot for accent plants, and they can be made available in different shapes and sizes.

Not Dangerous

The use of copper garden planters raise a public concern as reports say the presence of too much copper in the soil can affect the plants’ intake of nutrients and impede their growth. However, SFgate explains that the copper is fixed in the container, and only a small amount of it can seep into the soil.

Belgian copper garden planters are becoming popular among homeowners. If you still use clay pots in your garden, you might want to consider using this item for a change.