Garage Insulation: 2 Advantages of Getting Insulated Doors

Commercial Garage Door in Salt Lake CityGood insulation improves indoor temperature control in the garage. Polyurethane steel garage doors are some of the most reliable in this respect. With high performance insulation, you will enjoy a comfortable space to work on your DIY projects.

According to, a good quality commercial garage door in Salt Lake City helps boost the energy efficiency of the entire house. High quality insulated doors are long lasting and worth the high price tag. Here are two benefits of choosing insulated garage doors.

They are Energy Efficient

Reputable garage door suppliers are aware of burgeoning household energy concerns. Cost savings and energy efficiency are the key terms you have to watch out for when learning about the top features of the products being offered by a reputable garage door manufacturer. Ask about the R-value of the material, which is the thermal property of insulation. Polyurethane insulated doors have higher values than products using polystyrene foam. Now, if you are not yet convinced of the necessity for an insulated garage door for your home, you should ask a neighbor or relative who now has polyurethane insulation about the significant reduction in their monthly energy bills.

They Help Reduce Noise

You already know insulated doors offer better temperature control. However, we must stress another benefit, and that is noise reduction. The insulation markedly reduces the noise of door operations. Moreover, the insulation also keeps the noise of any power tool activity within the confines of the room, so that you will not bother anyone else in the house. If you have extra funds to spare, you can insulate the outer walls of the garage as well. Afterwards, there is no need to install additional noise control implements.

Humid summers and cold winters can hinder any work you plan to do in the garage. If you want to be comfortable year-round, then the temperature range inside the room should be reduced. Choosing an insulated door is a smart move indeed.