Funding Charities Against Drunk Driving: Car Donations

Car Donations

Car DonationsA teenager’s friends have a lot more influence on his behavior than the parents. At this rebellious stage, teenagers usually show their independence, and any attempt of guidance from their parents is, to them, a way to curtail their freedom.

Teenage Fallout

As parental authority becomes more neglected, the teenager becomes more exposed to more bad influences. We may not know it but media also plays a big role in shaping the youth’s mind. Moreover, it is very common to hear news when police arrest celebrities for drunk driving or DUI. Even worse, sometimes these celebrities are teenagers the youth admire, as in the case of the arrest of Justin Bieber last year.

On the Same Wavelength

To impart a different message, car donation services use the same media to actively campaign against underage drinking and drunk driving. These companies usually sell the cars you donate to NGOs or other charitable institutions, which, in turn, may use the cars to fund their research and other activities. According to Cars for Madd, donating these services also impart tax benefits.

Distract and Conquer

NGOs use the psychological principle of diversion or distraction by recommending other activities a teen can participate in, like sports, music and arts. They also encourage them to read books or join volunteer programs. Moreover, they also provide counseling to help teenagers, along with their parents, resolve any conflicts they may have. In addition, with the cooperation of schools, charities also engage in community-building for the youth.

This way, when teenagers do something worthwhile, risky behaviors become unwanted. Peer pressure then becomes peer acceptance. And one of the best – and simplest – ways to do it is to fund the charity, either from simply donating cash or a car, which would enable them to think of more ways to reform lost youngsters.

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