Fundamental Areas in Employment Law Training

A company's HR team

The legal aspects of employment begin long before your chosen employees start working. Most players in the employment circle erroneously believe that they are protected from lawsuits so long as they have good intentions. A good understanding of employment law is the only way to protect your business from litigation.

HR professionals and other people in your company can consult The Center For Legal Studies about law training programs. Doing so can help them grasp the legal aspects of employment. Various points during the hiring process can prove a legal minefield for them and your company.


When advertising for a vacant position, the term you use might be discriminative. Terms like “salesman” rather than “salesperson” and “part-time employee” rather than “college student” are politically incorrect. State that your company is an equal opportunity employer to mitigate legal issues.

Immigration Laws

According to federal regulations, you cannot hire undocumented aliens. You must fill the employment eligibility verification form I-9. Your company should retain this form for three years or one year after the worker leaves your company to present as proof to immigration officials if need be.


The questions you ask in your interview might be discriminatory. To prevent this, focus on the applicant’s interests and motivation. Never take notes about an applicant’s age, disabilities, and gender during your interview since this can be a reason for litigation.

Running a successful company requires the hiring of workers from time to time. By training all players in your hiring process in the given areas, you can significantly reduce the chances of a lawsuit. Rather than crippling your operation by giving your workers a study leave to get training, you should sign them up for online or DVD courses in accredited colleges.