Fresh Advertisement: The 3 Key Elements to Consider

A team forming a marketing strategy

What makes an ad successful? There’s no single formula that guarantees success. It all depends on how the public will take the message and the presentation of it, and how compelled they are to share it with their friends. You’ll have to work hard on the concept of an ad and test it several times before finally launching it in Denver or nationally. Here are some elements to consider:

Clever Use of Words

Words are important in an ad, whether it’s in the form of a video clip or a PPC campaign. The words complete the ad and tie the elements together. In a short clip, C1 Partners and other experts explain that a simple yet striking sentence can drive the message home. In a PPC ad, meanwhile, you use words to reel people in and tell them you can help with their concern.

Wise Use of Images

Images give life to your campaign. The juxtaposition of contrasting images can emphasize the idea you’re trying to prove. These can also trigger emotions, especially when you’re tackling a controversial issue. The arrangement of images in a campaign contributes to its power, so let people see the early versions of the campaign and gauge the impact these had on them. Your aim is to find the best arrangement of clips, images, and words to maximize the potential of the advertisement.

Smart Use of Time

You don’t need to make the advertisement a lengthy one. A few seconds of footage can already say something, as long as you use each second properly. Some images may need more exposure to have a powerful impact. Music that awakens emotions plus images that have been highlighted can bring attention to the most important aspects of the campaign. If your statement is bold enough, even a simple message displayed long enough to be unforgettable can be a groundbreaking campaign.

Advertisements need to talk to consumers if you want them to be successful. Use these elements to your advantage.