Four Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

A Person Holding a One-Page Resume

Job hunting is an art that many people struggle to master. Your resume is often the first information a company knows about you during recruitment. With many applicants competing for a position, hiring managers only have limited time to interview everyone and look for ways to sort out the candidates in the quickest possible way. It’s become so important that your resume stands out from the rest that writing them has become big business, with companies like providing services to ensure you stand out from the rest.

Here are some tips on preparing of your resume:

Include industry-related keywords

The HR department may conduct a keyword search, so make sure you have words that relate to the job description. You may want to use words such as “accomplished,” “team player,” “resilient” and other words that can help describe you as an employee. Using strong positive words makes your resume look more professional.

Edit your resume to fit the job position

Make your resume fit the job. Try to tweak your resume to fit the role. You should also highlight all the information that’ll make you look like a great fit for the job.

Re-read your resume a couple of times

Keep your resume polished and error-free. Re-read your resume to check for typos and that it is readable. Hiring managers may think that the errors are a reflection of laziness. Also, keep all key information on the first page so the hiring manager sees it whilst skimming through resumes.

Number all your accomplishments

One great way to easily show all your accomplishments is by numbering them. Putting a number on all the tasks that you’ve done is a great way to let the hiring managers to quickly see that you fit the role.

What’s important with writing your resume is to be truthful with all the information. Lying about your skills and accomplishments will jeopardize your application.