Four Things to Keep in Mind when Personalizing Thank You Gift Baskets

Plain Basket

Plain BasketThe simple gesture of saying “thank you” surely goes a long way, but what more if it comes with a personalized gift basket? You’ll never go wrong with a specially made present to express your gratitude. You can always find premade gift hampers and baskets online, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can give it a more personal touch.

Here are some tips on creating a unique thank you gift basket for your loved one.

Consider the recipient’s personality.

Remember that your goal is to show your recipient that you’re thankful to them. Therefore, treat them to something that would give them delight. Their personality and interests matter here the most. For instance, a basket of gourmet cookies could be the perfect present to your self-confessed cookie monster friend. Treat a wine connoisseur uncle by giving him a set of rare wines.

It’s not yours; don’t choose for you.

When shopping for items for your thank you gift basket, there’s a big chance you’ll find a great variety of options. Sometimes, it could be overwhelming that you end up choosing ones that you like, instead ones that best suit the receiver. Always keep in mind that you’re buying the items to please your dear friend or family, not yourself.

Variety is the key.

It’s always better if you put in a variety of items or brands in your gift hamper. This is to give the receiver options. For instance, if you’re gifting an aunt who’s obsessed with salons and spas, give her a complete set of body treatments instead of bottles of the same products. For a chocoholic friend, choose various famous chocolate brands rather than packs of the same stuff.

Anything that’s personally prepared is always appreciated.

To make your gift basket look and feel more personalized, it pays to choose and shop for the items personally and decorate it. Should you have the time, hand the present to your loved one rather than have it delivered. Surprise them if possible.

Take some time off to do these things so you can successfully express your gratitude to your loved one.