Four Things All Minimalists Do to Have a Happier Life

Simple LivingThe number of Australians that are shifting lifestyles is evident in the changing consumer trends. More and more are drawn to a lifestyle of minimalism not because they cannot afford to spend. They are choosing to have a simple life on purpose, which is also called ‘voluntary simplicity’. This trend has reached Brisbane and many locals are claiming that this way of life suits them better. Here are some ways to join this movement.

1. Aim for a less materialistic lifestyle

Minimalists live by the mantra ‘less is more’. You need to give up a lot of things — from clothes to cars. Starting from your wardrobe, you’d be surprised at how little you actually need. When you’re ready to take it up a notch, let go of a few luxuries as well, such as your PlayStation or the internet.

2. Live in a smaller house

Queenslanders don’t seem to have a problem living in more suburban neighbourhoods. However, most are also moving to smaller houses. This makes more sense when you’re trimming down your belongings. Also, says moving to a smaller house does not mean living without leisure. Get in touch with small lot home builders in Brisbane, so they can help you live comfortably in your smaller house.

3. Minimise waste

Simple living should translate into reduction of wastes. You need to strive to live sustainably. It can be as simple as being mindful of not wasting water. Not only will you be making a difference on the environment. You will also be saving money in the long run.

Trudy-Anne Doyle, who has been practicing simple living for a few years now, said their bills have significantly shrunk. As a result, they are saving more money, which they spend on experiences they enjoy.

4. Be a mindful consumer

Choosing to live with only the bare necessities, you want to make your purchase count. You will be more conscious when buying things. Contrary to what most people assume, minimalism doesn’t intend to disrupt businesses and industries. Actually, they want to promote those that are offering quality products and services that have a positive impact on the community.

Voluntarily living a simple life is a challenge, but it has proven to be the best decision for a lot of people. When you start to recognise that you don’t need much to have a happier and more meaningful life, it gets easier.