Four Essential Ways to Keep your Lawn Cool, Clean and Green

Front Yard in Auckland

Front Yard in AucklandLike any well-maintained front yard garden, a clean and green lawn reflects how good you are as a homeowner. While it’s challenging to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, care and maintenance is more of a must-do if the area is used as functional part of your living space.

A cool and green lawn can be your children’s play area, extension of your patio or a venue for a small outdoor party. How can you keep your lawn in its best condition, so it can serve such purposes? Here are some ideas you can take note.

Groom by Regular Mowing

Mowing is one of the most important measures to keep your lawn clean and tidy. According to providers of lawn mowing service in Auckland and the rest of North Island, the frequency of lawn trimming must depend on the turf’s rate of growth. Mowing too often can cause scalping and weaken the grass, while doing it rarely could make it look poorly maintained.

Remove and Kill Weeds

Weeds can affect the overall health of your lawn, so you must kill them. Three of the most common weeds found in New Zealand are Broadleaf weeds, Prickle weeds and Hydrocotyle weeds. Keep the turf thick to reduce the growth of weeds. This way, the weeds won’t have enough space to thrive and deprive your soil from sunlight. Uproot them manually to prevent propagation.

Fix Dead Grass Patches

Brown patches of dead grass can ruin your lawn’s appeal. Plant new grass to solve this issue as soon as possible. Put lawn preparation mix on the patch and dampen the area. Place enough grass seeds and water it daily until you see green shoots of healthy grass.

Feed Your Lawn with Water and Fertiliser

Water and fertiliser are necessary to keep your lawn healthy and great-looking. This is especially important when the weather is harsh and the grass needs additional nutrition. Make sure they are well hydrated to promote growth. Fertilise your lawn about two to three times a year, as well.

Follow these tips to keep your lawn lush all year round. A lawn is a better place for small family gatherings and for kid’s outdoor adventures when it’s cool, green, and neat.