Forging Friendships: How to Create a Sense of Community among Tenants


CommunityCreating a sense of community among tenants will not just make a happy, peaceful neighborhood; it can also improve your rental property business. Once tenants feel that they fit in to a certain group—that they are safe and welcomed—chances are they will choose to stay longer.

With that, experts from American Heritage Properties list down strategies your property manager can consider in an effort to build and strengthen the sense of community:

Organize Events Regularly

Hold activities for tenants at least once a month.You can throw a simple dinner party for your first activity just so everyone can meet and get to know each other. Plan fun games and icebreakers. When preparing activities, your goal is for everyone to participate. Ditch games that do not require much involvement. Your goal is for everyone to get to know each other. Design your activities in such a way that no one is going to be left in the corner.

Cultivate a Community Garden

For those that have extra spaces, you may want to grow a community garden. A physical space that lets tenants interact with each other will strengthen the sense of community. Work with landscaping experts for this project.

Go Digital

Interaction does not just happen face-to-face. Extend your community to the Internet. Create a Facebook group and add your tenants. This group will not just help people stay connected, your property manager can also use it for announcements and updates regarding events or anything else that tenants need to know about. You can also post relevant resources in the group so tenants will better understand their rights and responsibilities.

These are just some of the things you can do to build and strengthen the sense of belongingness among tenants. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to forge friendships with and among them.

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