Finding Mr. Roof: The Right Roofing Contractor


RoofingWhether you merely replace a few tiles in your roof or overhauling it completely, the material cost is minimal. What makes up a significant portion of the total expense is the labour cost, which is why you should be careful to get nothing but the most skilled labour for the job.

As simple as this sounds, finding a good roofer among the many available is a confusing task simply because of their sheer number.

The following are tips to find your perfecting roofing companion, as composed by Bower Roofing:

1. Know Where to Look For

Use the Internet and the knowledge of your friends and family to know about the good roofing contractors in your area. Read customer feedback when searching on the web as this will give you a good insight into how skilled the roofer is. Take the time to call the references so you would have first-hand knowledge of the experience of their workers.

2. Know What to Look For

Apart from their expertise and experience levels, there are some other qualities that you must look for in a roofer before hiring one. These include roofing licence (or a Building Practitioner licence) and their warranties.

Consider, as well, if the contractor is willing to work based on a written contract, or if they ask for full payment upfront. A contractor who does not want a written contract and demands immediate payment is not worth hiring at all.

3. Know When to Say No

It also pays to be careful when dealing with the roofing contractors to get your money’s worth. This involves the following:

  • Not paying in cash.
  • Paying only and if the job satisfies you.
  • Not rushing into repairs or replacements just because the contractor pushes you to do so.

Do your due diligence when looking for a roofer with the above-mentioned qualities. Labour spent in roofing is indeed expensive, but spending it on a good contractor is money well spent.

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