Filing Personal Injury Claims related to Dog Attacks or Dog Bites

Dog AttackWhile dogs are certainly a man’s best friend, sometimes they can snap, especially when provoked. Moreover, if they have a systemic disease, it can cause a big problem for both the owner and the victim. As such, it is the responsibility of all dog owners to make sure that their pets are healthy and has received recommended doses of healthy immunizations. 

If you or a family member gets bitten or attacked by a dog, Osmond and Cockayne Associates noted that you could file for a personal injury claim to receive compensation. Here's what you need to do.

Seek Medical Attention First

Before anything else, tend to your or your family member's wounds. While most dogs have had their anti-rabies shots, open flesh wounds still require medical management to prevent infection. While you're at it, personal injury lawyers recommend getting the necessary medical documents to prove that the injury was because of a dog attack or a dog bite.

Document the Attack

Gather evidence for your case. For instance, you can ask people who may have seen the attack. Take note of the address where the incident occurred, the name and address of the dog’s owner, and the identity of the dog that attacked you or your family member. Take a picture of the wound as well as other relevant items that can serve as evidence.

Talk to the Dog’s Owner

Talk to the dog owner and ask them if they have animal insurance or any other type of insurance, which you can use to cover your medical expenses. Many dog owners will be more than willing to help you get through your ordeal. If they don't cooperate, tell them what you will do next — filing a claim.

Seek Professional Legal Advice

If diplomacy won’t work, then it is best to seek legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in personal injury. Make sure they're reliable and you're comfortable working with them. At the very least, you have done your part to seek a more peaceful resolution.

Filing for personal injury claim related to dog attacks and bites start with proper documentation. Opening the lines of communication with the dog owner should enable you to find a better solution. If not, then go ahead and file a claim.